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Frequently Asked Questions

• Recording and categorizing financial transactions
• Bank and credit card reconciliation
• A/R & A/P management
• Payroll management
• Recordkeeping
• Prepare financial statements
• Advisory services (expense analysis, financial statement analysis, budgeting, benchmarking, etc.)
• Better budgeting decisions, knowing exactly where your money is going
• Peace of mind knowing your books are in order and tax season won’t be a scramble
• Audit-proof business with detailed documentation
• More hours in your day to focus on your business
• Understand the key metrics in your business: revenue, costs, profitability, etc.
• Together we work smarter, not harder to prepare
• By keeping your books up to date year round
• By preparing 1099-Misc form for contractors
• By preparing financial reports for the year
• By working with your accountant/CPA
• It gives you a clear picture of where your money is going
• It helps you catch banking errors quickly
• It reduces your tax burden
• It helps save you money in accounting fees
• It saves you time
• It’s a tax write-off